Falkner Traverse

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Clickee para versión en Español During December 1st to 3rd, 2016, we walked with Seba and Fer one more of those long traverses with a taste to dream: To join the ends of Falkner mountain range and Mesa peak, from Ruta 40 all the way to Filo Hua Hum camping — not by the lake shore, but… around the summits of course! These were three whole days of walking; both long and full of experiences; as well as short, which ended quickly making us wish we enjoyed them more. I…read more

Falkner Peak – Winter

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It’s 3:40 in the night, I am waking up for fourth time in these last few hours. This time the alarm is really ringing; ridiculously early to get up, but somehow I am already clear with so much anticipation of the day to come.

This winter ascent to Falkner peak was in Seba’s head for years, so I think, following different personal reasons. To me there are just a couple of simple reasons motivating me to get up so early. Firstly, doing winter ascents is just too good: mountains are normally remote themselves, and in winter everything is even more… remote. Secondly, if this is one of those crazy projects from Sebastian, I know I am going to enjoy it.